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HP Laser Printer

Complete Label Printing Systems

Print high quality care labels, pressure sensitive labels and hang tags with ease.

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Laser Printers


Laser printers allow you to print professional looking care labels, pressure sensitive labels and hangtags anywhere. Easily create all your labels, add logos, care symbols and bar-codes.


JRM offers a low cost, high quality sheet fed laser printer that provides high volume production.


         Traditional dot matrix printers produce approximately 30,000 care labels daily.

         Laser printers will produce over 100,000 labels daily.

         Continuous fanfold laser printers will produce over 400,000 labels per day.


Image of HP Laser Printer

Okidata Dot Matrix Printer

Image of Okidata Dot Matrix Printer

Sato Thermal Printer

We also offer BarTender software which supports all bar-code formats, prints text using all available Windows resident scalable fonts and imports graphics.

Image of Sata Thermal Printer

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