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Offset Printed Labels

Offset printed labels in one or more colors are produced in-house on our high speed offset presses.


Our label designers can help you design your labels and complete all composition and typesetting with quick turn-around. Logos can be scanned, and our library of care symbols can be incorporated in your labels, with bar codes if required.


Plates, printing and computer controlled cutting assure you of high quality labels, printed on any of our 15 available woven and nonwoven fabrics, in any size you may require.

Available Materials

6401 - Cellulose/nylon, nonwoven

6417 - Acetate taffeta, coated

6420 - Satin acetate, coated

6427 - Acetate taffeta, coated pearlface

6437 - Heavy acetate taffeta, coated

6456 - Reemay polyester, coated nonwoven

6465 - Polyester/cotton, coated

6473 - Dupont Tyvek, spun bonded olefin-dye resistant

6482 - Cellulose/polyester, nonwoven

6483 - Reemay, polyester coated nonwoven

6485 - Cellulose/polyester, coated pearlface nonwoven

6487 - Cellulose/polyester, coated nonwoven

6492 - Reemay, nonwoven coated polyester - dye resistant

6493 - Polyester taffeta, coated

6497 - Polyester taffeta, coated pearlface

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